Expert Author Richard Peck
VPS servers are basically "virtual machines" running on much larger servers (typically by multiples of the virtual ones).
Whilst they run very well, they've been somewhat under-utilized until the introduction of Amazon's "EC2" service in the early 2010's. This allowed people to deploy a VPS on an entire data warehouse of infrastructure... rather than just one server - bringing the underlying cost right down to a bare minimum.
Today, a swathe of "cloud" VPS providers (including the likes of DigitalOcean, Vultr and others) have followed Amazon's lead in providing extremely low priced "VPS" servers running on "cloud" infrastructure. They have reeled buyers in with prices starting from $5/mo (or in Vultr's case $2.50/mo).
The point is that with the new price drop, "cloud" VPS providers actually provide companies and end users with extensible software hosting with "shared" hosting prices. The key is that you are able to control (and own) the underlying infrastructure, whereas before, you could not.
Whilst this is great, there is a major problem - you are responsible for setting up the servers and keeping them up to date & running etc. Even if you go down the path of a "managed" server infrastructure, there is no underlying management software (such as CPanel) which gives you the ability to manage the various services running on the system.
Ultimately, in order to get a VPS (or any server) running properly, you need to ensure that you have the various pieces of software required to get a web server functioning effectively fully operational; which includes the "web server" software itself, the underlying libraries / dependencies at the OS level and the likes of the server's programming language you wish to use.
On top of this, you need to ensure that the server has the most appropriate "application server" software to handle any of the programming languages required to run the applications you may be trying to deploy to the system.
Most people don't know / realize this - if you're running a Ruby on Rails / NodeJS application on your server, you basically have to ensure that you have the appropriate server software to support its requests. Without this (and this is why most "shared hosting" is not adequate), you'll end up with relatively little by way of being able to manage the underlying system.
To resolve this, the most effective thing is to get a "management" system for VPS platforms. If you had a system which allowed you to manage any of the software running on the infrastructure you have, it will give you the ability to determine exactly what you require.
Expert Author Richard Peck
If you use an Epson Stylus Color 880 printer, it may be the case that you end up not being able to use it on your Windows 10 computer.
The typical symptoms of this issue are that it will show up as a "USB Printer" inside the Windows 10 "Printers" section, but may actually appear as "Epson Stylus Color 880" in Device Manager.
The problem is that Windows 10 (especially 1709) doesn't recognize the driver, and is thus unable to actually get the printer running because of it.
The solution is to ensure that Windows 10 is able to run the driver, which either means downloading the most appropriate one from the Internet, or getting the system to be rid of errors and other problems. This is actually relatively simple, as explained below...
The reason for the problem is a difference in the way that Windows 10 (1709) works with the underlying drivers of the system.
Some of the older drivers (written by the hardware manufacturers) do not work with the new hardware / IO API inside the system, leading Windows to become unable to manage any of the underlying issues it may have.
To ensure this is not an issue, you have to ensure that you're using a compatible driver - or at least a driver which is workable with the way in which the 1709 version of Windows works. To do this, you have to ensure you're able to obtain a version of the driver which works effectively.
To solve the problem, Microsoft have actually worked to resolve any of the underlying issues that have been causing conflicts, primarily by offering a new "Windows 10 1709 Compatible Drivers Package" - which is a manual update to the drivers that are required to run the Epson Stylus Color 880.
By going to Microsoft's "download catalogue" and typing "epson stylus color 880" into the search box, you're presented with a number of packages you can download. At the bottom of the list should be the "compatibility" package - which if you download, you'll then be able to run the installer for.
Upon running the installer, restart your system and then ensure that Windows is able to load the printer like it did before. If you're not able to do this, you have to ensure that you're going to be able to get the most out of the application - which is done by cleaning up any of the potentially corrupted settings that your system may have.
Expert Author Desare A Kohn-Laski
Are you always thinking how much your house is now worth? Many instances, you've heard that appraising property values are best handled by professionals. Despite the strong urge to hire their services you have always reservations within that hiring them is pricy. If you're caught with this dilemma, why not appraise your house yourself. Is this possible? Of course. By knowing several indicators, you can have a hint of how much your house is priced. Here are some tips.
Market Approach and Value Reconciliation
Do you know that the best indicators are available in the market? If there are several home sales happening in your neighborhood or even within your area, chances are you can have a huge hint on how much your house is worth. Find homes that are similar in area and place and you can already provide rough estimates. Reconcile this with the number of bathrooms, bedrooms and other features which are similar to the home that was sold. And you're on the right track of determining its price.
Use of Online Home Appraisal Applications
Technology is fast-becoming relevant in many industries. Real estate is no different. There are numerous applications which are now used by the industry professionals to make their work easier. Some also offer the use of these applications for free in their official websites. Capitalizing on these facts, you can have readily made instruments to provide appraisal calculations based on information you will provide.
As the current homeowner, you should be in-the-know of the home's square footage including gross area and floor area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car ports, and even accessibility to roads and important locations. With this bunch of information, the online applications and even those which you can download to your smartphones will prove to be beneficial.
It is in a few clicks that you will already know the current price of your house.
The estimates provided by the market indicators as well that those reflected by the applications always stay as estimates. They are not exact figures. If you really want to know exact appraisal values, it is always better to have professionals do the job for you.
If you are worried of the service charges, there is always the negotiation time to help you lower down the service rates. Remember that real estate professionals including property appraisers are always ready to be of service to those who need their expert services and expert advises.
Expert Author Desare A Kohn-Laski
In our past entry, we have talked how tenants can deal with difficult landlords. This time, we'll be discussing the other way around. What if your tenants are difficult to deal with after you have let them sign the lease contract? Here are some tips.
Be confident. Confidence is a key aspect when dealing with difficulties. And this does not exempt dealing with difficult tenants. If you are confident when talking to them, you are more likely to get positive reaction from your tenant. The opposite happens when you are unsure of what you are presenting to them. Do not let your voice shaken when you're saying something. It will be picked up as a sign of uncertainty.
Exercise right decisions. There are issues that needs prompt decisions made. For instance, if you see that the surrounding area of the rental property is untidy, then you have to call the attention of the tenant. Insist that the condition is unacceptable and will affect not only their adjacent tenants but them as well. Present them with scenarios that will make them realize the consequences of not doing the right things.
Be authoritative. While the tenants have some rights, you also have to assert your rights. But be sure you are asserting your authority in a just way. If the tenants habitually disrespect the existing rules of the property rental, you have every right to formulate a complaint which you can file at proper authority offices. Make sure that you know existing state laws which might affect your complaint.
Impose your rules. Keeping the best interests of the asset you are offering for rent, keep in mind too that imposing your rules will be aligned with taking care of it. If there is regular inspection every 28 days, do it so. If you are issuing notices when rental fee is one week overdue, don't hesitate to send them.
Learn how to bridge gaps. There are tenants who may end up being always in your head because of a lot of things they usually complain. There are cheerful but hibernating types when due dates are coming. There are those who pay ahead but always have strings of complaints with this and that thing. Bridge gaps between them and you. Always hold your side of the bargain. Offer solutions which are win-win for both parties. After settling issues, be friends with them. Be friends but put barriers between being a landlord and them being tenants.
Expert Author Desare A Kohn-Laski
Are you running out of creative juice for your needed daily or weekly blog? Are you having some sort of repetitions just after two months or so? If you are in this situation, you're probably thinking of how you can possibly sustain readership with writing ideas or topics that are sure to entice readers to follow you. Here are some topics you can write about for the next days.
Local activities which kids and teenagers would probably ask permission from their parents to join. Every community conducts activities for children and teenagers. These activities are geared to enrich the knowledge and skills of the participants. Most of them are conducted during summer months. But there are also some activities conducted during the other months of the year. These activities can range from art workshops, sports clinics, dance competitions, talent shows, and a whole lot more.
Current news in your local community and even important events of the nation. News affects all. Whatever is happening in the community and in the nation has impact to everybody. Discuss how these events can affect the families and individuals in the community. Assert your point. Give insights on how these events can shape the local real estate industry.
Present places of interests to your readers. Make your real estate blog a reference for readers to familiarize themselves with the community's various interesting places. Let your writings take them to the vest restaurants, entertainment hubs, museums, shopping destinations, and even tourist spots. These local crowd-drawers deserve to have their spotlights on your blog. It will also help if you'll notify merchants, establishments or entities which you'll mention in your writing. Through this, you are getting them fueled to share your writings in their respective platforms. This will eventually increase redirects from their spaces to yours.
Dissect local market studies. Different studies present various insights. They send signals to buyers and sellers alike. Present statistics, data, and other information which will be valuable and influential to the decisions of your readers. Will this month be good to buy a house? Will next month see home prices increasing at least for your market?
Give tips, suggestions, and advises. Your blog can also serve as a communication line between you and your readers. Engage them in your posts through tips about home staging. Suggest ways on how they can better rearrange the room of their sons or daughters. Give advise on how to deal with noisy neighbors. There are plenty of topics in which your expert opinion and advise are warranted.
Expert Author Bob Tom
Your car could be a great place to enjoy your favorite music, however, many of you still tolerate questionable sound quality that you would never tolerate with your theater system at home. There are also some who attempt to assemble sophisticated sound systems in their vehicles, but a single installation mistake can keep the sound system from reaching its full potential.
In this post, I have gathered some tips on how to get the best sound quality in your car. These tips could be used for simple factory system upgrades to more advanced setups. I hope that after you have read this, you will never have to endure bad sound quality in your car again. It might surprise you that even the simplest enhancements to your car's sound system can produce obvious results.
1. Consider replacing your car's speakers
While car sound systems have significantly improved over the years, some manufacturers still use relatively cheaper speakers and amps that do not offer the best sound quality. You might hear noticeable improvements by assembling a better set of aftermarket speakers. You will probably even get a tighter bass and enhanced clarity.
2. Download music files with higher quality
Downloading higher quality music files does not help you save some memory space in your music player. However, be wary not to compress your music files too much, as you will lose high and low-frequency information that makes a song interesting. In a car sound system, you will be able to tell if something is definitely missing.
It is a well-known fact that the higher the bitrate, the better the sound. So, if you are playing music through an iPod, or your smartphone, you need to use a little compression, but don't use too much. Another option is to stream music, in which you can explore the settings to improve the sound quality. You might want to try getting an Android auto head unit that offers a wide range of music apps.
3. Bypass the built-in digital-to-analog converter
Your music player's DAC does not deliver the same performance as your car's DAC, in which case an advanced converter would normally do the job right. You're lucky if you can connect your music player to a stereo via USB because you can successfully bypass your device's DAC. But you will need to confirm if the Hands-on Research information is available in the stereo unit.
4. Get a car amplifier
A separate amplifier is able to provide cleaner power than your built-in car stereo and you will notice the big difference in terms of sound quality. It does not matter what genre you listen to, whether it is pop, rock, or even classical music. Getting an amplifier for your car's audio system is essential in getting a better sound in your car.
It is also advisable that you first know the difference between the volume level and the amp level. You might find yourself getting annoyed with a nasty and distorted sound when you set the amp level way too high.
5. Add an equalizer
You are going to need an equalizer to get rid of treble, midrange, and bass peaks. It is either built into the receiver or it can be mounted on a processor in your dashboard, or near the amplifiers. An equalizer will offer multiple points for frequency response adjustments and it can kill peaks and improve bass response.
6. Buy or build a sub box
Another great way to improve your car's audio system is to get a subwoofer. If you're building one, just make sure that it has been properly sealed because air leaks can significantly hurt the sub's overall performance. To add, ensure that you build a box that has the correct interior volume for the subwoofer you have chosen.
Buying a subwoofer, on the other hand, enables you to bring the bottom octave of your favorite music back into balance. With this addition, you will be able to hear your favorite tunes in a new light. It will also aid in helping your full-range speaker as well. If you are searching for the best car subwoofers available now, you might want to check BestListForCar
Now that you have learned some new tips on how to better improve the sound quality of your car's audio system, it is now up to you to make it happen. If you follow these tips, you will never have to put up with your stereo's bad sound quality ever again. After all, listening to your favorite music while you are driving takes the experience to a whole new level.
Expert Author John Dugan
Most men don't need a reason to have sex, other than the fact that they want to. But just in case a man - or his partner - needs some convincing, here is a list of 13 reasons to have sex tonight. Read them, memorize them, print a copy and keep them in the night stand so that the next time the old not tonight because of a headache excuse comes out, there is a whole list of reasons why yes, tonight should win out! Of course, with all these extra reasons to have sex more frequently, men may need to up their penis care routine to keep the little guy running as efficiently as possible.
1) Sex cures headaches: Looks like that classic excuse is no more. Research has found that orgasms can actually provide headache relief - even of a severe migraine - so next time she has a headache, encourage her to skip the medicine cabinet and head right for the bedroom!
2) Stress lowers blood pressure: Studies have found that people who have sex more often have a lower diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) - that's another good reason to increase the nookie.
3) Sex may improve breathing: Believe it or not, sex may be a natural antihistamine; some people report relief from allergy and asthma symptoms after sex.
4) Sex makes one happy: Researchers have found that the more sexually active a person is, the happier - and healthier-they are. In fact, people who are getting more action tend to take fewer sick days than those who are not.
5) Sex is a stress reliever: Getting the heart pumping is a sure fire way to drop one's stress level. Some people hit the gym, some people hit the sheets - consider the latter the next time there is a need to blow off some steam!
6) Sex burns calories: A particularly active romp in the hay may burn as many as 200 calories or more! Sure beats an evening at the gym!
7) Sex boosts immunity: Even men who only squeeze in one tryst per week enjoy a healthier immune system. Regular sex boosts the body's production of immunoglobulin A; so it seems that having sex every day keeps the doctor away!
8) Sex is heart healthy: Regularly getting it on actually keeps the ticker healthy and reduces a man's chance of a fatal heart attack - according to one British study. Men who had sex two or more times per week were at half the risk of those who got busy less than once a month.
9) Sex promotes bonding: Sex releases the chemical oxytocin, which facilitates bonding and feelings of closeness between partners. So rather than hop in the shower immediately after, lie around and reap the benefits of these feel-good chemicals.
10) Sex improves self-esteem: Researchers have found that not only does sex improve one's self-esteem, individuals with higher self-esteem have more sex - so getting on a roll may just create a positive cycle of wanting more sex.
11) Sex fights pain: Having sex releases endorphins - which are the body's natural pain-killers - individuals have reported relief from headaches, arthritis pain, minor aches and pains, and menstrual cramps after having sex.
12) Sex may protect against prostate cancer: The Journal of American Medical Association published an article finding that men who ejaculated 21 or more times per month were less likely to get prostate cancer compared to men who only ejaculated 4-7 times per month. Though other health factors certainly influence one's risk, frequent ejaculation appears to reduce the chances by some margin.
13) Sex encourages sleep: Many people find that they dose right off to sleep after sex; this happens because the oxytocin released promotes relaxation and induces sleepiness. Crashing out post coitus is all well and good, just be sure to satisfy all parties involved to prevent bad feelings and assure that both people get a good night's sleep.
Expert Author John Dugan
Men who suffer from frequent, recurring penis sores or ulcers, accompanied by mouth sores, may have an inflammatory condition known as Behçet's Disease (sometimes referred to as Behçet's Syndrome).
Because symptoms such as penis ulcers are also characteristic of numerous other health conditions, this autoimmune disorder often goes undiagnosed. While there is no known cure, the symptoms can be managed once a positive diagnosis has been reached; and with the right attention to treatment and penis care, men who are affected can enjoy a fairly normal lifestyle.
What is Behçet's Disease?
Behçet's disease is a systemic disorder in which the immune system attacks the blood vessels, causing inflammation. Men who are affected may experience flare-ups when they come in contact with pathogens in the environment which trigger the body's immune function.
Is it contagious?
Behçet's Syndrome is not contagious and cannot be transmitted through physical contact. Men who have Behçet's can generally enjoy normal intimacy; an open conversation can help partners to understand the condition.
Who gets Behçet's Disease?
Behçet's Syndrome is fairly rare in the United States, but it is more common in other parts of the world. Medical researchers are not sure what causes the disorder, but it appears to have a hereditary component; in other words, it may be passed from parents to children.
What are the Symptoms?
Symptoms of Behçet's include recurring ulcers in the mouth, as well as penis sores. Those who are affected may also develop sores on other parts of the body; in some cases, inflammation of the eyes, or even blindness, may accompany the disease. Symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain and swelling may also occur.
Diagnosing Behçet's Disease
Behçet's syndrome can be fairly difficult to detect, because so many of the symptoms can be attributed to other health conditions. Many men with the disorder may believe they have herpes or another sexually transmitted infection due to the presence of mouth and penis ulcers. It may take years before a positive diagnosis is made. The main markers for diagnosis include mouth sores that occur three or more times in a year, genital sores, eye inflammation and/or blurred vision.
As previously mentioned, there is currently no cure for Behçet's disease. Individuals who have this condition may require various types of treatment to address all of the symptoms. Treatment generally involves controlling the outbreaks and reducing any accompanying pain. Corticosteroids may be used to help reduce the inflammation, and in more severe cases, immunosuppressive medications may be prescribed. Men are also encouraged to rest during flare-ups to minimize the severity of the symptoms.
Self-care for the Penis
Men who have been diagnosed with Behçet's Syndrome should first and foremost follow their doctor's recommendations for treatment. In addition, attention to overall self-care can help affected individuals to reduce the occurrence of flares; men with Behçet's should be sure to eating a healthy diet, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and engage in moderate exercise on a regular basis.

Expert Author John Dugan
Posledních pár desetiletí se hodně mluvilo o omlazení vagíny. O tom se mluví všude od Oprah po brunche po pokerové stoly už roky. Ale co mužská strana rovnice? Proč nikdo nemluví o omlazení penisu? Určitě tam venku jsou muži, kterým by nevadilo trochu opravit jejich spodní části. Přečtěte si, co je to omlazení penisu, kdo je dobrý kandidát, jaké jsou postupy a prostoje a jaké výsledky může člověk očekávat. Spoiler alert: it ' s a lot less sci-Fi than one might think.

Co je omlazení penisu?

Omlazení penisu je léčba pro mužské sexuální dysfunkce způsobené problémy, jako je erektilní dysfunkce (ED) a Peyronieho nemoc. Omlazení penisu by nemělo být zaměňováno s penilní implantáty, protože jsou různé věci, které mohou mít některé podobné výsledky. Omlazení penisu je obvykle non-chirurgický zákrok.

Pro koho je omlazení penisu dobré?

Muži s EDOVOU a Peyronieho chorobou jsou skvělými kandidáty. Je také ideální pro muže, kteří zvětšili prostatu nebo měli rakovinu prostaty. Samozřejmě, muži, kteří by rádi větší citlivost během intimity, silnější erekci, a potenciálně větší délku a obvod penisu chtít podívat do řízení.

Léčba" P-Shot " nebo PRP

Na Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Léčby, také známý hovorově jako "P-Shot,," používá vlastní destiček-platelet-rich plasma omladit penisu tím, že stimuluje růst nové tkáně tvorba erekce větší, silnější a častější. Neoperační léčba obvykle trvá pouhých 15-20 minut.

Pacient dostal lokální znecitlivující anestetikum a bylo anekdoticky hlášeno, že v průběhu zákroku není žádná bolest, pouze mírný tlak. Proces začíná odebráním krve z paže pacienta. Tato krev se pak přenese do odstředivky, kde je PRP oddělena od krve. PRP se pak vstříkne do penisu na konkrétních místech s několika jehlami. Presto-change-o, penis je připraven vstát.

Obnovení Omlazení Penisu

Po léčbě se prostě postav, obleč si kalhoty a jeď domů. Žádné nemocniční pobyty nebo lůžkový odpočinek potřeba! Post shot, muži jsou instruováni používat digitální penis pumpa dvakrát denně po dobu deseti minut pokaždé po dobu 30 dnů, aby se dostal plný účinek léčby. Během tohoto období zotavení neexistuje moratorium na sex nebo sebeúctu.

Výhody Omlazení Penisu

Kromě pomoci mužům s penilní dysfunkce, léčba má také několik dalších hlášených přínosů, včetně:

- Zvětšení délky a obvodu penisu

- Kratší období žáruvzdornosti

- Delší, intenzivnější orgasmy

- Zvýšení celkového pocitu

- Prodloužení doby pevnosti

- Zvýšení sexuální sebedůvěry

- Zvýšená výdrž a spokojenost

- Větší úspěch s přípravkem Viagra a jinými aids

Tyto výsledky samozřejmě nezažívají všichni. Někteří muži od zahájení léčby PRP nehlásili žádný rozdíl. Je nesmírně důležité konzultovat lékaře se zkušenostmi a který je vyškolen v certifikaci v tomto konkrétním typu léčby. Dotazy na konzultace a také požádat, aby mluvit minulosti pacienty o jejich zkušenosti. To vám pomůže nějaký muž snaží dostat léčbu, jak provést due diligence a učinit informované rozhodnutí o penisu omlazení.

Jako vždy, je důležité doplnit penisu omlazení výsledky s dobrou každodenní péči, která zahrnuje speciálně vyvinutý penis zdraví creme (zdravotníci doporučujeme Man 1 Man Olej, který byl klinicky prokázáno, bezpečné a mírné pro pokožku). Tyto krémy poskytují základní vitamíny a živiny zvláště dobré pro nejen uzdravení, ale poskytuje silný základ zdraví penisu, které mají být připraveny pro omlazení.
Expert Author John Dugan
Díkůvzdání je hned za rohem, a mnoho párů rád využít sezóny zapojit do nějaké extra sexuální zasnoubení. Pokud si chlap procvičoval zdravý penis, není důvod, proč by se nemohl spolehnout na aktivní šťastný penis během prázdnin. Ale následující sexuální tipy mohou usnadnit cestu pro tento speciální sex V krůtí den.

Sex tipy k uvážení

- Moc se nenaplňuj. Jasně, díkůvzdání je o poděkování a setkání s rodinou, ale všechno je to postavené na masivní večeři. Pokud chlap a jeho partner chtějí udělat nějakou speciální sexuální nádivku na vlastní pěst, musí se ujistit, že se nepředávkují vším jídlem, které tíží stůl. Jíst příliš mnoho může dělat sex obtížnější - a může dokonce tlumit své sexuální apetit. S tím na paměti, pár, který má v úmyslu vychutnat si speciální sex po večeři bude muset nutit sami cvičit trochu disciplíny. Menší porce mohou být potřebné, nebo vzít jen malé kousnutí z těch položek, které opravdu naplnit chlapa.

- Nebo možná udělat sex předkrmem. Samozřejmě, někteří lidé prostě nemohou zavolat dostatek vůle odolat vteřiny (nebo třetiny) krocana a oblékání a všechny ty ostatní dobroty na stole. Páry, které to o sobě vědí, by si možná chtěly před večeří naplánovat sex. To může trvat nějaké plánování, samozřejmě, zejména pokud jeden nebo oba z vás je zapojen do vaření a/nebo je hosting večeře. Pro takové lidi, naplánovat nějaký sex, jakmile se objeví ze spánku může být nejlepší sázka.

- Zvažte jiné pozice. Dobře, řekněme, že pár si myslel, že by mohli odložit přejídání, ale zjistil, že se mýlí. Misionářská pozice nemusí být jejich nejlepší volbou s plnými bříšky. Zkoumání alternativních pozic může být jen lístek. Pro velmi vycpané, jednoduše ležet vedle sebe a masturbovat jeden druhého může být nejlepší volba. Nebo orální sex by mohl být dobrý, pokud si oba dokážou strčit do pusy ještě jednu věc. Pro zájemce o skutečné razantní styk, dobrá sázka je pro ženu ležet lícem nahoru na okraj postele, nohy jí visí dolů a dotýká podlahy. Muž může pokleknout (na polštáři, je-li třeba výšky) tak, aby jeho brzy-být šťastný penis je rovná vagina a jeho záda rovně nahoru. V této pozici se ani jeden zvětšený žaludek nedostane do kontaktu s druhým.

- Tematicky. Udělejte si svátky pro sex. Zlomte kost přání a vítěz si může vybrat, do jaké sexuální aktivity páru vstoupí. Přineste zbytky do postele a užijte si lízání brusinkové omáčky nebo omáčky z partnerských intimních partií. Po řádné sterilizaci, prozkoumat možné jiné použití pro krůtí podlévač. Oblékají se jako účastníci od prvního díkůvzdání a uvidíme, co zábava může být s peří z původní americké čelenky nebo poutní kožený pásek. Nebo každý partner může jednoduše využít dovolenou komunikovat, proč oni jsou vděční, že spolu se svým partnerem, a kolik každý znamená jiné.

Tyto sexuální tipy mohou pomoci udělat šťastný penis na Díkůvzdání. To bude ještě šťastnější, když se běžný uživatel první třídy penis zdraví creme (zdravotníci doporučujeme Man 1 Man Olej, který je klinicky prokázáno mírné a bezpečné pro pokožku). Nejlepší créme bude zahrnovat vitamin A mezi jeho ingredience, a to bude dělat jak chlap a jeho partner šťastný. Proč? Protože antibakteriální vlastnosti vitaminu A pomáhají odstranit přetrvávající penisový zápach. Člověk by měl být také vděčný za krém, který obsahuje vitamín D3, takzvaný " zázračný vitamín."Kromě boje proti chorobám, tento vitamín také podporuje zdravé penilní buněčné funkce.
Expert Author J Russell Hart
Existuje běžná mylná představa, že pouze muži jsou náchylní k riziku srdečních onemocnění, ale všichni se bohužel mýlí. In fact it is also the #1 cause of death in women. Ve skutečnosti od roku 1984 zemřelo každoročně více žen než mužů na srdeční choroby.

Ženy a onemocnění srdce fakta

Kardiovaskulární onemocnění, které zahrnuje srdeční onemocnění a mrtvici, je největším zabijákem žen po celém světě. Onemocnění srdce a mrtvice zabíjí každoročně 8,6 milionu žen, což je 1/3 všech úmrtí po celém světě.

Ve Spojených státech je nemoc vrahem žen číslo 1 a je smrtelnější než všechny formy rakoviny dohromady. Zatímco 1 z 31 amerických žen umírá každý rok na rakovinu prsu, 1 ze 3 zemře na srdeční onemocnění se smrtí přibližně každou minutu.

Odhaduje se, že 43 milionů žen v USA je postiženo srdečními chorobami a 90% všech žen má nejméně jeden nebo více rizikových faktorů pro jeho rozvoj.

I když za posledních 10 let došlo k nárůstu povědomí, jen 54% žen, to je 1 ku 5, si uvědomuje, že jejich #1 Vrah je onemocnění srdce.

Jak pro bílé a Africké Americké ženy, to je hlavní příčinou úmrtí v Americe, a pro Hispánské ženy rakoviny a srdečních onemocnění, protože téměř stejné množství úmrtí každý rok. Pro aljaŠské domorodce, Pacifické Islander, nebo americké indické ženy v USA, onemocnění srdce je 2. příčinou rakoviny jako hlavní příčina smrti.

7,6% Černošek, 5,8% bílých žen a 5,6% mexických amerických žen v současné době trpí ischemickou chorobou srdeční.

Téměř 64% žen, které náhle umírají na ischemickou chorobu srdeční, nemělo v době své smrti žádné předchozí příznaky. To dokazuje, že můžete být v nebezpečí pro srdeční onemocnění, i když v současné době nevykazujete žádné příznaky.

Jedním z přispívajících faktorů v počtu úmrtí je, že příznaky onemocnění srdce mohou být odlišné u žen a mužů, a jsou často nepochopeny.

Zatímco tam jsou některé ženy, které se nezobrazují žádné příznaky vůbec, tam jsou jiní, kteří mají anginu pectoris, která je tupá bolest na hrudi a/nebo pocit diskomfortu, který může být těžké, aby ostré v přírodě, bolesti v horní části zad nebo břicha, nebo bolest v krku/hrdle/čelist. Tyto bolesti mohou nastat při odpočinku, když začnete jakoukoli fyzickou aktivitu nebo mohou být také spuštěny v důsledku duševního stresu.

Ženy obecně jsou více pravděpodobné, že popsat svou bolest na hrudi jako ostré a pálení, a jsou častěji náchylné k bolesti čelisti, krku, krku, zad, nebo břicha.

Příznaky onemocnění mohou být někdy zcela tichý a nemoc není diagnostikována, dokud žena začíná zažívá příznaky a/nebo příznaky onemocnění srdce, jako je srdeční selhání, srdeční infarkt, srdeční arytmie nebo mozkové mrtvice. Symptomy U Žen Může Dojít

Příznaky infarktu může zahrnovat:

Nepříjemné pocity a / nebo bolest na hrudi

Bolest v horní části zad



Nepříjemné pocity v horní části těla

Nauzea / zvracení

Extrémní únava


Příznaky arytmie může zahrnovat:

Třepotání pocitů v hrudi (srdeční palpitace)

Příznaky srdečního selhání mohou zahrnovat:


Otoky kotníků/nohou/nohou / břicha


Příznaky mrtvice může zahrnovat:

Náhlá slabost nebo ochrnutí (neschopnost pohybu)

Necitlivost obličeje/nohou / paží, zvláště na jedné konkrétní straně těla


Problem speaking and / or understanding speech

Potíže vidět z jednoho nebo obou očí


Ztráta rovnováhy nebo koordinace


Ztráta vědomí

Náhlé a těžké bolesti hlavy

Klíčové Rizikové Faktory Pro Ženy

To vše jsou významné rizikové faktory pro onemocnění srdce u žen. Téměř polovina všech Američanů (o 49%) má alespoň jeden ze tří klíčových rizikových faktorů, a 90% žen má alespoň jeden rizikový faktor.

Vysoký krevní tlak


Vysoké hladiny LDL cholesterolu

Řada voleb životního stylu a zdravotních podmínek může také zvýšit riziko onemocnění srdce u žen, které zahrnují:


Nadměrná konzumace alkoholu

Fyzická nečinnost

Špatná strava

Nadváha a/nebo obezita



Pravidelné screeningy, krevní testy, a zdravý životní styl volby může jít dlouhou cestu k prevenci onemocnění srdce a jeho následky. Mnohokrát se ženy nedokáží o sebe postarat, dokud není skoro pozdě. Vezměte si čas na péči o své zdraví a zeptejte se svého lékaře o zdraví vašeho srdce.